Invite and get ₹51 in Hike Wallet

So guys as you know Hike is very interesting messaging or chatting app and now Hike is giving us referral bonus ya guys

Invite and Get ₹51 in hike wallet as a referral bonus. Guys if you Want to get free money in hike then you need to refer hike with your friends which is a pretty simple method to get money and somehow everyone is using this method to earn money.

So here is the Steps to earn money.

  1. First of all install hike in your Mobile.
  2. Then save a lot of contects in your Mobile phone.
  3. Now register on hike and create your profile.
  4. After creating your profile you will saw a notification that Invite and get up to 10000 indian rupees.
  5. Then Select invite button and then a referral massege will be sent to all your saved contects.
  6. If your friend join Hike after your invitation the. You will receive a blue packet that will include some of money as a reward.

That’s all now refer and earn a lot from Hike.