Top 5 android hacks to Make it Faster

Top 5 Android hacks that can make your smartphone Very is top tips

Clear chache

So in your 1st android hack that make our android phone faster is Ohk as know when ever we run apps and install new apps in our mobile then new apps take some space and store their temporary data in chache mode that makes your in app experience better and it help us to run app smoother but some how unwanted apps store their data and it’s not so good for our phone so we need to clear it frequently to run smoothly. So you should clear data day by day. For this you need to go in settings and then in storage and then scroll down and clear it .

Clear memory

Do in our second android hack that make our android hack – Clear memory is just a simplest ever thing. As you know guys when ever we launch new app it takes some space in our Ram and when launch more then one app then some apps runs in background so they take some space and make our mobile phone lagy and promotes lags in it. So make sure to clear background apps when you are going to launch heavy apps.

Disable Animation

Our 3rd android hack to make it faster-Let’s move towards our 3rd android phone hack that is very cool. As you new guys every android phone has different animation and if you are a Mi user then you are facing a lot of animation that are making your user experience fancy but it takes few time to do that particular animation so she should disable these animation. after disabling all these animations you will notice a significant difference in your phone’s performance.

Clear Unwanted Apps.

4th android hacks to Make it Faster As you know guys as you know some of unwanted apps are there in your phone if you are a samsung user then you have to face a lot of unwanted apps that are totally useless and unwanted so Disable them or if they allowed us to uninstall them surely do that it will make your phone much better and faster.

Factory reset the device

5th android hacks to Make it Faster Whenever you use your phone for a longer time then it store a lot of unwanted data and unwanted chache in your phone then make sure to Factory reset it after a some period.